Exporting to vector formats

Feature request: Export to vector formats

I am aware diagrams can be exported to WMF, however I don't know if they are exported in vector, or raster (embedded) formats. Can I confirm that diagrams can be exported as vector to WMF?

Also, can we have exports to other standard vector formats? SVG would be a strong candidate, though there are also a number of CAD formats that would be popular - DXF, DWG. Importing from these formats would also be a nice to have, but exporting is a more pressing need.

WMF is a deprecated format - it only works if using GDI+ drawing engine, for example.
But as far as as know, when exporting to WMF, it's exported as vector format, since you can expand the image size and quality is kept.

SVG export is not currently possible, although a very good suggestion.

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