Expand Table in Excel File


In my template I do have three columns:


I created the the range __MYTABLE__X (header and first line ; A1 to C2). Later I created a table also the same size (A1 to C2).
When I run the report, the data is added normally, but the table is not resized.

One workaround was to set already my table from A1 to Cxxxx many rows. However this is not ideal as I want to use slicer and it would show <blank> and I cannot have this.

Any suggestion?
Thank you
I think the name should go from A2 to C2, not from A1 to C2, and the table should go from A1 to C3. The extra row at the end (3) will be deleted by the X range, as it is the case with formulas and everything else.

I've tried a little example here:

And it behaves as expected.

i'm pretty sure i tried this before as well, but i might have done something wrong. But it is working now. Thank you for quick support :)