Existing WebApp Eorror with 1.3

After installing 1.3 and XData, etc. when running an app that worked before I get the errors:

TypeError: right-hand side of 'in' should be an object, got undefined | this.GetElementBindHandle@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:26609:11 this.UnbindEvents@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:15835:16 this.UnbindEvents@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:26361:52 this.Destroy@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:16464:12 this.Destroy@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:26772:47 createClass/c.$create@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:302:28 DoStatusCreate@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:27677:32
at http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js [26609:11]

Can this somehow be isolated so we can reproduce this as with just this error message, it is very hard to remotely decipher what is going wrong in your application.

It's very difficult to know where to start. Is there anyeasier way than removing code/controls until it does work. I could send you the source if you have a better way of doing this!

If I remove all code and run I get the error:Unknown property: "OnCalcFields" | fMessage::Unknown property: "OnCalcFields" fHelpContext::0
at [0:0]

Please create a project, add a TWebClientDataSet and add an OnCalcFields event to replicate. No code has to be in it.

Please confirm whether you can replicate this or not?

We could reproduce this and have applied a fix. 
We will release an update next week.

And now with I get this error on running:

TypeError: pas['WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils'].CreateUploadFile is not a function | this.LoadFile/reader.onload@http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js:29391:48
at http://localhost:8000/Bridge/Bridge.js [29391:48]

Is this the full (registered) version of TMS FNC UI Pack you use?

Yes. I have the TMS All-Access subscription.

How can we reproduce this error?

The only file handling is done via a TWebFileUpload so I would guess that it is related to that.

TWebFileUpload was not touched between and

Maybe that is not the problem then. The only FNC component I am using is the TTMSFNCGrid.

Again: How can we reproduce this error?

Can I email you my project?

Please isolate this into reproducible steps.
Please understand that we cannot really decipher entire projects.

I am calling AddFontToCache. If I comment this out I do not get the error.

The PDFLib BMI demo is using AddFontToCache and works fine here.

So, please, again, 3rd time, isolate this and provide a sample source app with which this can be reproduced. 

So far I have been unable to.

Ok. Create a new WebApp. In the OnCreate event call AddFontToCache('xxx.ttf') and run it. No error.
Now set the the project options for TMW Web Core Optimization to True and run again.