Excel import to mobile application

I want to add Excel file to Mobile Application. As a result of my research, I installed FNC EXCEL BRIDGE. FMX -> SimpleImport is exactly the project I'm looking for but I can't use it for Android or Ios.

Did you select Android and iOS when installing the bridges?

If you did, did you get any error at the end of the installation? (you can find the log at \TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt )

The bridges should work fine with android and ios

I chose Android and Ios. Still same no Android or Ios.

Btw I can find the log at \TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt


Sorry about the log location, the forum software eat a <. It should have read:
<FlexCel install folder>\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt
<FlexCel install folder> is normally "Documents" or "My Documents"

You should check also
<TMS Bridge install folder>\TMSSoftware\FNCExcelBridge\Setup\FNCGridExcelBridge_build_log.txt

If you prefer, you can use "Everything" ( https://voidtools.com ) to search for the files.

Now, what I see in your screenshot is a selection of the available platforms. But have you added iOS or Android to the platforms in the app?

You should right clikc in "Target Platforms" at the project manager:

And "Add platform" ios or android. If Add platform is disabled, then this is a VCL app, you need to create a "Multiplatform" app (in file->new in delphi). Note that the "simple import" demo is in both FireMonkey and VCL. You need to open the FMX example, then add iOS and Android to the target platforms