Excel Custom Document Properties

I am working with the XlsFile class to read an excel file.  The excel document has some custom document properties as created in a macro by:

ThisWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties.Add _
Name:="By Days", LinkToContent:=False, Type:=4, Value:=CStr(bDays)
ThisWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties.Add _
Name:="From", LinkToContent:=False, Type:=4, Value:=FormatDateTime(dtPlanFrom)
ThisWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties.Add _
Name:="To", LinkToContent:=False, Type:=4, Value:=FormatDateTime(dtPlanTo)
I am having difficulty reading the custom document properties using the XlsFile class.  Does anyone know how this is done?
Russell Smith


Currently there is no support for reading custom properties, and I am not sure we will support it in the future, because it is incredibly complex (one really has to wonder how they managed to make it so complex) and isn't very requested.

But also, microsoft provides a free dll that you can use to read and write any Excel property:

And at least for the moment it is what we recommend to read or write properties in an Excel file. As said, we might implement this natively in the future, but it will be a lot of code with a lot of potential bugs that must be tested very hard, and right now some other things have more priority.

Sorry I am not able to help more here.