Custom Worksheet Properties

Hi Adrian

I can't find any reference to custom worksheet properties (only custom document properties). Is there any support at the worksheet level?

Thanks, Bob

The properties we currently support are indeed for the full
document. But I am not sure exactly to what you refer with sheet custom
properties (there are at lest 2 types: VBA and built in)?

I imagine you are referring to this, is that right?

that is the case, this is not currently supported, but I think it would
be simple to add at least for xlsx files This doesn't seem to be a
completely supported feature as you can access only from macros
(different from document properties), so I am afraid they won't be
completely documented, and that is why we might not be able to support
them in xls if they are not. For xlsx, even if not fully documented, we
can figure out easier how they are saved.

 Please confirm me if
those sheet properties are what you want, and if that was it we will
investigate further in the feasibility of doing it.

Hi Adrian - yes that's the one. In my Excel add-ins I access it using COM, so it would be nice to also have the feature in Flexcel. I don't use xls files any more so xlsx would be fine for me.

Kind regards, Bob