Example for UndoRedo?

Can someone give me or point me to an example on how to use TAdvGridUndoRedo with TAdvStringGrid using RichEdit-Cells? 


If you refer to perform undo on changing style attributes of rich-edit text, there is currently no built-in support for this specific action in TAdvStringGrid. The Undo/Redo is limited to the entire cell content.

The undo of changing style attributes seems to work within the RichText-Editor-Cell.

I also need an undo for entire cell contents, and therefore I asked for an example on how to use TAdvGridUndoRedo.

Of course it would be great if there was an integrated function.


Well, it's unclear how you see an undo for change of style attributes as it is not available.
Are you confusing this will the entire cell editing undo?