Advmemo.Showmodified and Undo/Redo

Setting showmodified ::= true causes undo/redo to behave in an unexpected way. 

To see this, drop an advmemo on a form. Set showmodified := true and run the program. 

RESULT: It took two ctrl+y to restore the text and the return but it should have only required q ctrl+y. 

Repeat this but with showmodified := false and the undo/redo acts as expected (a single ctrl+y restores the text and the return).

We traced & solved this issue. The next scheduled update of Apr 21 will address this.

I installed the update (I verified that I have Hiowever, there I am still experiencing problems. To
reproduce, set showmodified := true, type in a character (e.g. "A"), press enter,
hold down Ctrl key and press Z two times. 
This will undo the Return and the letter.  Release Ctrl key.  Hold down Ctrl key again and press Y three
times.  I get the enter key to come back,
but not the "A",