ETA for macOS 64 update?

Is there already any ETA when the update for macOS 64 will be released (or even a beta)?

Our library wraps C objects into Delphi code and macOS 64 is not supported by C++ builder, which is necessary to generate C objects for mac OS 64 platform.
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So that means, there will be no cryptography pack for FMX which support also macOS 64 bit??? That would not be good.

We are studying a solution to generate C objects without C++ Builder.
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No solution for the encryption pack?

One of my projects is now dead until this is working again. I used the aes encryption of the components for some registration code and cant now decrypt it anymore.


I have the same issue.
Soon macOS will only support 64-bit and my customers need a new 64-bit version of my app which is using the TMX Cryptography Pack.
Hope there will be an update soon.
We are currently working on a solution, I will keep you informed whether it works.
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We have found a solution to support OSX64 platform in the next version of TMS CP.
It will be released very soon.
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Thanks!!! Hope it will be released quickly.

We were able to find a quick fix thanks to David Millington from Embarcadero, who was very helpful and available to advise us.

Fantastic, thanks to him also. Now I just hope that it wont take ages before TMS can release a version (or even a beta).

Hm any idea how long it could still take until there is a working version, or even a BETA?

I cant keep telling my customer they just have to wait, but I don't know for how long.
I have some tests to run, to validate that all components work on MacOS 64. I think the new version will be released before the end of this month.
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Before End of this month? Hm thats unfortunately too long. I guess I might have to ditch the cryptography component completely and change to some opensource components. As much as I would like to wait, my customer wont...
Version 4.0, which should have macOS 64 bit support.

[dccosx64 Error] E2597 ld: file not found: ./libOSX64/error.o

The installer does not create the libOSX64 folder, and compiling with macOX 64 bit target is not possible.

The installer will not precompile during install for macos64. This
is by design (differentiation from 10.3.X and 10.3.2 is not
trivial to do.

You need to add the crypto folder to macos64 lib path and
compile the project from there.

The crypto folder IS added, but it keeps on looking for ./libOS64/error.o

Here is a screenshot, showing that its in the lib path.

Any idea why it wont compile and always keep on looking for error.o, which is only in the macOS 32 bit folder?

Same problem. I'm also not able to use FMX-cryptography-pack for macOS64.
Is it not possible? Is there no documentation? It's getting rather urgend for me!
Any hint?