error with TAdvGridCSVPager

I am using C++Builder 10.3.1 and the TMS UI Pack (Monday, April 13, 2020). I am testing with VCL app for Windows 10 using the C++17 32 bit compiler.  

When I add the TAdvGridCSVPager to a form and run the program I get the error messages below in the file AdvGridCSVPager.hpp. I have added a picture. 

[bcc32c Error] AdvGridCSVPager.hpp(96): expected member name or ';' after declaration specifiers

[bcc32c Error] AdvGridCSVPager.hpp(96): expected ')'
  AdvGridCSVPager.hpp(96): to match this '('

Thanks for reporting.
This is due to a Delphi to C++ conversion limitation from the C++ compiler.
We have implemented a fix for this that will be included in upcoming release 10.3