E2209 Unable to open include file AdvUtils.hpp

First of all, thanks for (finally) fixing the 11-month old antialiasing bug with TAdvOfficeColorSelector. I found more bugs with those which I will report separately. But meanwhile I found something even more serious which prevents me from building the project completely!

I just made a modification to a form which previously has compiled properly using the new version of TMS VCL UI Pack (C++ Builder 2010) and got the error:

E2209 Unable to open include file AdvUtils.hpp

AdvUtils.hpp is nowhere to be seen anywhere on the disk. Advutil.hpp though exists in the:

But not AdvUtils.hpp

To be sure, I created a blank project, dropped TAdvPanel onto the form and just tried to compile - same error again. AdvUtils.hpp file is missing.

Now what?

Please use version v10.1.3.0 where this was already addressed for this old C++Builder version.

Problem fixed, thank you!