Error opening TAdvToolBarForm descendant forms


I'm developing a ribbon style application.

My Forms are descendant of TAdvToolBarForm, as specified in the developer guide.

If I set FormStyle = fsMDIChild (I want to have an MDI application), when opening the child form on other computer (not where I have the IDE), I receive an access violation error:

"System Error. Class Does not exists" (the error is similar, but changes depending on wich controls are on the form, for example, if in the form there is an tadvstringgrid, the error is "Error reading myGrid.Filter: system error: code 87. incorrect parameter)

After a lot of test, if I do one of the following:
Turn FormStyle to fsNormal
Replace TAdvToolbarForm with standard TFom

all goes ok.

Is there some incompatibility with ribbon style and MDI application?
Why the error appear only on computers different from the developer machine? (do I need to put some dll on the target machine?)

Claudio Basso

There is a demo for MDI in the TMS Advanced ToolBars & Menus samples folder.
Did you look at this? Or are you referring to adding a ribbon in each MDI child? We haven't tested the ribbon against this (uncommon) scenario.

I've already looked at the mdi ribbon sample.
Yes, I'm trying to put ribbon inside each mdi child.


Sorry, we have not designed for or tested for use from MDI childs.