Access violation in TAdvToolBarPager.GetOfficeHint

I am trying to migrate my application from XE7 to XE8.
It's working fine in XE7 but I have this problem in XE8:
I get an access violation in TAdvToolBarPager.GetOfficeHint from advtoolbar.pas when launching my application.

When I launch my application, I get this exception before the first form
gets created (actually I'm not sure if it's before it's created on
while it is being created). The first thing created in my application is
a DataModule and right after it's the main form.

The problem I see is that TAdvToolBarPager.GetOfficeHint gets called while both Application.MainForm and Screen.ActiveForm are nil so the call to frm.ComponentCount throws an exception.

Is this a something you can solve or do you have an idea how I can get around this? My application code is the same in both XE7 and XE8.


So far I couldn't reproduce this.
Is this problem happening for you with any of our demos?
If not, what exactly are you doing different in your app from our demos? Could you modify & send any of our demos so this issue can be reproduced here?

sorry for delai in my reply.

No, I do not get this problem with the demos. I think it has to do with the login form of my application being in a dll and being first first form being shown.

This dll login form uses TMS controls (advPanel, advEdits, advLabels, advReflectionLabel).

In XE8, if I invoke my dll login form from a new application (with the dll not being the first form shown), it kinda works but I get a lot of flickering my second monitor before the form actually shows (it's weird because my application is on my first monitor and so is the login form). Once the login form is shown, it doesn't refresh well at all and some controls don't print entirely. I do not get an access violation however. I did not try with your demos, but I think I would get the same weird behavior if I called my dll from one of the demo.

I'll try to investigate further when I have some free time and will reply again if I find anything useful.