Error loading AdvChartDXE2

 We have an error after installation of TMS VCL Chart 4.2.19 for Delphi XE2 (UPd4 HF1).
There is a conflict with the package bindcomp160, see details (in French sorry) :

"Impossible de charger le package 'AdvChartDXE2.' il content l'unit? 'Data.Bind.ObserverLinks' qui est aussi contenue dans le package 'bindcomp160'. Voulez-vous tenter de charger ce package au prochain chargement de projet ?"

Thanks for help.

OS : Win 7 x64
IDE : RadStudio XE2 and RadStudio XE7


Please re-download the latest version, we have fixed this issue and reuploaded the same version.