Error hosting the site

This message appears when I host the site:
ReferenceError: mod_pagespeed_M1qJq $ 74eE is not defined at: 1: 6 at nodeScriptReplace ( at nodeScriptReplace ( /NFeWeb.js:31788:35) at Object.ActivateChildScripts ( at XMLHttpRequest.DoStatusCreate ( /NFeWeb.js:31937:15)
at [1: 6].

I always get this error when I go up the site and I can't
know where it comes from, because when I compile the site on my machine it doesn't happen. Can you tell me what causes this error and how can I fix it?

Without further details, it is very hard to tell.
Looking at this description, the first question that comes up is if all .JS libs your app might depend on are also available / deployed on the server where you see this problem?

I've checked it several times and the .JS libs are on the server. The only thing different on the
server is the name of the files that are changed when I host the site.

The name that is highlighted in the file is the name of the file generated by the WEB Core, which in this case would be NFeWeb.js, but this name was changed when I hosted it.

I have no idea what this library is doing and how it is being used.
I can only think this is rather something deployment or library related than a TMS WEB Core specific issue.