Error compiling with New Version

I've not changed any program source, just gone to compile and was getting an EEncoding error.

raised exception class EEncodingError with message "No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page'

Manged to find the form where it was crashing. The debuger now takes me to 


procedure TAdvGraphicsSVGImport.LoadFromStream(const AStream: TStream);


Obviously it keeps going around and around in a loop


We have meanwhile fixed the issue, and will release an update as soon as possible.

Thanks Pieter. Is it something I can change manually via code whilst I'm waiting for an update to be released please? Was looking to get an update to my software out today.



We are currently reuploading so should be out soon, for a manual fix (add the following line to AdvUtils.pas, in the GetImageType function in red)

    (DataType: '.jpg';  Length: 4; Header: (255,216,255,224)),
    (DataType: '.jpg';  Length: 4; Header: (255,216,255,225)),
    (DataType: '.unknown';  Length: 4; Header: (0,0,1,0)),
    (DataType: '.empty';  Length: 4; Header: (0,0,0,0))
  Result := '';
  LOldPos := AData.Position;
    AData.Position := 0;

    if AData.Read(LBuffer[0], MaxImageDataLength) = MaxImageDataLength then
      for I := Low(ImageData) to High(ImageData) do

Pieter Scheldeman2020-05-20 10:57:44

Awesome. Thanks.

TMS VCL UI Pack version, with this specific fix, is available.