Email does not work anymore?


it looks like since today it is no longer possible to contact you by email? I was trying to continue our email support conversation but always get the error below. Please fix that!
What does this mean that I have to authenticate at your pop server? Never needed that before...

Best regards
Stephan Krämer

There is a major problem with handling incoming emails at the company where is hosted. Server admins have been notified, confirmed the problem and are working on it.
You can still reach us via this forum and also via the web support form. Although you might receive a bounce message for web form support questions, we do receive your inputs from there and can answer questions asked via the web form.
We hope this problem with the mail server will be resolved as soon as possible. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hello Bruno,

thank you. However, it does not make any sense to jump from the mid of our email discussion into the public here. Please notify me personally after you had solved this.

Best regards

The email problems should be solved. All servers seem operational again.