EJOSEException Key is too short (96bit), expected (256bit)

I just updated Sparkle to ver 3.22 & XData to ver 5.8. Now I am getting an error in my XData / Web Core project: Project XDataServer.exe raised exception class EJOSEException with message 'Key is too short (96bit), expected (256)'.

For now, I set the TSparkleJwtMiddleware.SkipKeyValidation to True but I am guessing that the right solution is to generate to right size key. How do I do that?

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The mentioned "key" is the JWT secret you provide to Sparkle. So it's you who "created" the secret, all you have to do is use a longer secret, at least 32 bytes/characters.

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Thank you for the quick response.

By the way, the music demo has that issue now.

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Yes, thanks, we are aware. Please refer to: Demo "music" does not work for me - #36 by wlandgraf

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