JWT encoding RS256 not supported

Dear Support,

We currently have a Sparkle/XData Api which uses a JWT for authentication. The token is generated using the method as described in the documentation. This is working fine as the JWT encoding is in HS256.

Besides this API does our company also have other API’s (developed in .net) which all make use of the Identity Server to generate JWT tokens. For consistency do we also want to use the Identity Server tokens for the Sparkle/XData based API. But there lays a problem as these tokens are encoded using the RS256 algorithm. So this results in the “Signing algorithm not supported” exception

After doing some research did we found the JOSE library on github which should support the RS256 encoding. (https://github.com/paolo-rossi/delphi-jose-jwt)

It seems that Sparke uses the same library so we replaced existing library with this newer library, but unfortunately no success.

So hopefully do you have a solution/suggestion on how to solve this problem.

Kind Regards,

Sander Kraak
Advisor Software Solutions

Next XData version will include updated JOSE/JWT units which will support RS256 algorithm. The JWT middleware will also be updated for Sparkle.

Thanks, that's good to news.
Can you tell me what's the planned release date for this new version?

We intend to release it until next week.

It's been released now:


Version 3.20 (Jul-2022)
New: JWT (JOSE) for Delphi units updated. You can now use RSA and ECDSA signing algorithms for both singing new JWT and also verify existing JWT signatures.