EditPostMode := epCell in TDBAdvGrid.ActiveChange

The following lines of Code have been added somewhere between Version and of DBAdvGrid.pas to TDBAdvGrid.ActiveChange:

if not (csDesigning in ComponentState) then
  if Navigation.AppendOnArrowDown then
    EditPostMode := epCell;

What is the intended purpose of this addition?

It causes quite some problems for our product.
I don't think it is correct to overwrite public properties like EditPostMode during run-time without Input from the developer.
With a public property the developer needs the guarantee that the property stays at it's set value so that code can be written under that assumption.

In our case setting EditPostMode back to epCell during the creation of the TDataSet has caused an endless loop. Luckily we chatched that during testing, but in order to find a good solution for our Project I Need to understand why these lines were added.

There is an incompatibility with the dataset handling when EditPostMode = epRow when Navigation.AppendOnArrowDown is used. Therefore, to avoid this possible conflict, we forced it this way.

Thank you for the answer.

Could you elaborate a bit? What exactly would be the problem if AppendOnArrowDown is used with epRow?
Maybe this is something that would not affect our project.

We need more information on this issue to find a solution as the Project is not releasable in it's current state.
We need to decide if we should allow epRow and AppendOnArrowDown for all our grids or specific instances, or if we need to deactivate the AppendOnArrowDown functionality.
Good morning

I unfortunately have the same problem and I need things to come back as before otherwise I can not release my application.

I'll explain the situation better: I have a grid with the parameter Navigation.AppendOnArrowDown = true, but when I add a new row, after compiling the first column, step to the second column I receive the message that the field of the second column must have a value (the message is right but I still have to fill in the second column).

I need this problem to be solved as soon as possible.

Thank you.

In my testing having append on arrow down set to true causes post on EVERY cell move even though post mode is set to eprow.

I have eliminated use of append on arrow down for the time being and am forcing the user to click a button or popup menu item.

We will reopen this case