TDBAdvGrid with EditPostMode epRow

Hi Forum,

for some reason, when I'm setting EditPostMode to epRow, only the last edited Cell is Posted.
The TDBAdvGrid is connected to a TIBTable.
Can anyone give me useful hint ?

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It's not clear what is causing this. We'd really need more details.

What kind of inplace editors is being used?
Normally, when EditPostMode = epRow, all edited DB field values are set when editing exits for a cell
and only after the row changes to a new row, all these values are posted. 
Can it be you're doing programmatically other things with your dataset during editing that causes
the updated DB field values to get lost?


I just debugged the DBAdvGrid code a bit and found, that in DataUpdate: right the first line of code is:

    Field := GetDBFieldAtColumn(RealColIndex(col)); //SelectedField;

The issue is, that the col potentially is not the same as when start editing. If you press enter to continue editing with the next cell (i.e. column), the value for col is exactly 1 too big.
Anyhow, I temporaryly fixed this in my version of DBAdvGrid by introducing a new variable FEditCol, that is set, when start editing ...

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It is not clear under what circumstances the COL property can be incorrect. When you press enter to move to the next cell for editing, COL should update accordingly. Do you have some sample source app with which we can reproduce this problem here?