turn of post after every cell move?

I have dbadvgrid with clientdataset with 3 index fields so that records will sort by index1, 2, 3 for display reasons.  However, when i go to insert a new record, after entering data for first field, when focus moves to 2nd field, the grid calls a post and row is moved to the top of grid because index 2 and 3 are still blank.  Causes much confusion.  Can this be turned off?  I would rather post and resort in onscroll event.

Did you try to set grid.EditPostMode = epRow?

Yes, that property is set to epRow.  But the clientdataset post event is firing after every cell edit.

I cannot reproduce this.
I enabled in the ADOEditing demo EditPostMode = epRow and added an event handler in the ADOTable.BeforePost and I do not see this event triggered as long as not changing the active row.
What are you doing different from this?

I opened up ADO editing demo to look.  You are right.  I will keep looking and compare to my application to find the difference.  Thanks.

I have not seen anything in the grid that is causing this.    I am not calling a post anywhere on the form or clientdataset.

The call stack is the following leading up the error.  I was not able to access a call stack in the demo:

Can you provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem here?


We downloaded it  now. We got errors though when running this project about drivers missing, so we'll need to investigate how to workaround this so we can run it and see the problem.

\win32\debug folder has 

Should be everything you need.   In the sql connection component on the form, set driver to mysql, then, set host name to a pc that you have mysql 5.x installed.  user and pwd for schema is tmstest, you will need to create a tmstest schema to dump the zip to, and create the tmstest user with dba to that schema.
I am still trying to figure it out on my end using this test project also.  I created this from the existing form and stripping out all external code references.  


Bruno, i remove more code from form in this version, just basics.  Problem still persists. I empty table and start fresh, when insert, the grid posts immediately when you click a cell.  Still posting every cell move after edit also even though epmoderow.  Thanks,

I have gone through sample project i sent you with problem and added plain dbadvgrid next to my grid and compare every property one by one.  The problem is the navigation.appendonarrow down property.  For whatever reason or combination of property settings i have in my grid, having append on arrow down set to true causes post on EVERY cell move even though post mode is set to eprow.