edit validators

Hi i've a lot of field TWebEdit for Name, surname, mail etc... There is a way to validate mail inserted and to "suggest" in the edit the strings already inserted. For example in the edit Name suggest "Guido" !!

Have a look at the autocomplete property options. You will need the edits to be within a or TWebHTMLForm Control I think

i checked using TWebHTMLForm autocompletion go fine BUT when i press enter key my form close because is a default HTML behaviour of form !!! There are other way to obtain autocompletion ? or a way to prevent close form with enter key

This is really a browser behavior and the browser controls the key to close it. Afaik, there is not a setting for this.

Would trapping the key in OnKeyDown work? You can do this is javascript - take a look at

Might be a nice feature to add to TWebForm