Edit box on TAdvToolbar

I need an edit box on a TAdvToolbar, with the text vertically and horizontally centered. The toolbar is styled with an office styler (Office 2010 Silver style).

If I add a TAdvEdit the height is set to 19. I need it to be 21 to match the surrounding buttons. When I change it to 21, the text is no longer vertically centered and I cannot specify it. The text is top aligned. A LineSpacing property like in THTMLabel would be handy. Margins have no affect. Why?

I could use it with height 19, but I cannot change the value of Top to center it vertically. It is fixed at 2 and cannot be changed. Why?

What can I do?

If you want to arrange controls yourself then set AdvToolBar.AutoPositionControls = false;

That's what I thought, but that value cannot be changed to false...

I suspect you're not using a ribbon toolbar but a toolbar on a TAdvDockPanel. For this configuration, the controls are indeed always automatically positioned. A possible solution is to use a container on the toolbar and drop the edit control on the container. Right click on the toolbar and choose to add a container.

Correct, I'm not using a ribbon toolbar. I worked around it by increasing the font size slightly, which is OK for this particular case.