AdvToolBar - edit control disappearing

I have the following problem with TAdvToolbar: I have a TAdvEdit on a toolbar, when I resize the form so the edit control cannot be displayed full, it just disappears. This is very confusing, because user have no idea that something is there until he resizes the form to the state that edit can be painted full again.

In standard Delphi toolbar, the edit control is always visible (clipped).

Is there a property where I can control this behavior? If not, can you please fix it?


I cannot reproduce this.

Test project: 

I downloaded your test project and it disappears as I resize the form. I have the same behavior on work and home PC.

to be clear, it is the TAdvEdit control which disappears not the whole toolbar

It disappears when you resize the form and the toolbar becomes too small. It comes back when the form is resized to be wider again. This behavior is by design.

That's really bad design. It might work for buttons, but to hide whole edit field with 300px width because 1 pixel is missing is really bad...

Standard Delphi toolbar dont do it, neither Devexpress.