How to control AdvDockPanel and AdvToolBar height

I have TAdvDockPanel on form and on it, a TAdvToolBar. The buttons on the toolbar are 16x16 size. I need them in 32x32 size (and TAdvOfficeFontStyle and Fontsize selectors should also resize to appropriate height).

I tried unchecking Autosize but it doesn't allow me. Changing height values also does not work.

I could not see a problem. Was tested with new TAdvToolBar, button added, button.AutoSize = false and button.Width = 32, button.Height = 32 and this is displayed this way at runtime. Do you use the latest version and if so, what are you doing different?

Your method works. I was trying to change Autosize and Height on the TAdvToolBar itself and TAdvDockPanel assuming they have one-setting for all buttons, but now I see that the buttons can be sized individually and that is even better. Thank you for your help!