TPlannerItem Move

Hi all,

In a older version of Tplanner I can directly move my PlannerItem.

Now, I have to select my TPlannerItem and after I can move my TPlannerItem.

Is there a way to activate the direct move ?

Best Regards

Did you try to set Planner.DirectMove = true 

Planner.DirectMove is already set to true.

Problem is not that it don't move but I have to select TPlannerItem (by left click on it).
After selecting first time, I can click again and move my TPlannerItem.

We have retested this with our latest version
but we could not see such problem here.
Could you please provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here ?

With a default Planner on the form and with the option DirectMove = true, I cannot see such issue. So, there must be something very specific you do with the Planner. Can you please provide more details about this so we can reproduce this problem here?

We could reproduce
this issue and have applied a fix. We’ll release an update today that will
address this.

Thanks for update patch : DirectMove works perfectly now :)