Duplicate Folder Creation

Using DropBox, I want to create a new folder: Folder1, with the CloudStorage demo. After connecting to DropBox, I enter 'Folder1' in the folder edit box and click 'Create Folder' ; a new folder is displayed in the listbox. When I look at the DropBox desktop app, I see a new folder: C:\Users\UserName\Dropbox\Apps\Folder1 with a sub-folder: C:\Users\UserName\Dropbox\Apps\Folder1\Folder1. Why is a sub-folder with the same name as the desired new folder also created? The sub-folder becomes the root folder in the app.


I have not been able to reproduce this issue with the CloudStorageServices demo.
Can you please make sure the create folder action is not fired twice?
If not, does the issue happen also happen when using the CreateFolder call in a separate application?

Hi Bart,

Tried it with the CloudStorageServices demo and it happens there too. Will check the Create Folder procedure as suggested. Perhaps it's a DropBox issue?

Create Folder only fires once in my app, but both it and the CloudStorageServices demo generate a new folder plus a sub-folder from the Create Folder procedure. The folder also has a desktop.ini file in it. Perhaps this sub-folder is generated by DropBox?

This is most likely a config issue with the DropBox desktop app or your Windows settings.
Do the sub-folder and dekstop.ini file only show up in the desktop app or in the DropBox web console and the CloudStorageServices demo as well?

The sub-folder is generated by both my app and the CloudStorageServices demo on and is visible on both my Desktop and the DropBox web console. The ini file is only visible on my Desktop and not in the DropBox web console. I can't see what setting in the DropBox Windows app would cause this. However, if you don't see this then it would appear to be caused by something different in my Windows W11 setup.