Dropbox Create Folder without full access


To create a Folder in the dropbox works, if the app got full access to it.
If I try to create a subfolder e.g. "Apps/MyApp/sub/" it returns an error.
The errortext is something, that it neets root access to create the folder.

Do you have an example how to create a subfolder?
I did not find this in the demos.


Please make sure you use the latest version of TMS Cloud Pack. The demo CloudStorageDemo has a button "Create Folder" and this demonstrates how to create a folder.

Also with your demo it does not work.
The definition for the dropbox-app is just "folder" not "root":
Permission type
App folder

More information

so the basic dropbox folder is:

thats why in:

function TTMSFMXCloudCustomDropBox.CreateFolder(ci: TTMSFMXCloudItem;
  const FolderName: string): TTMSFMXCloudItem;
resdat := HttpsGet(url,headers);

with foldername -> "newdir"


resdat -> '{"error": "Full Dropbox access attempt failed because this app is not configured to have full Dropbox access. Should your access type be app folder (''sandbox'') instead?"}'

How do I switch the dropboxcomponent not to use root or sandbox but "app folder"?

Did you try to set TMSFMXCloudDropBox.Mode = dmSandbox?
Bruno Fierens2016-09-03 10:58:31


that works.

Just its a sandbox, after disconnecting everything is gone.