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Is there a way to specify custom icons for the dropdown buttons in both the FNC panel and the toolbar dropdown controls? The current icons look very rough and don't give a good impression for the user. I've uploaded an image with a grab of (i) the Delphi IDE dropdown icon on the left, which looks good and has a better colour (ii) the FNC panel icon with default button width of 20 which of course is offset to the left and looks very rough because of the double layer at the top and (iii) the FNC one with button width = 21.

Thanks, Bob

Actually, if I'm able to specify my own icons I could solve the long-standing problem with the orientation of the compact and expander buttons (depending on the control's alignment). E.g. below is a screenshot with a StyleControls expander on the left which has the correct arrow direction. The FNC compact button on the right faces in the wrong direction. The expander button on the middle FNC panel has the correct orientation.Expander Buttons

However, if the panel is aligned to the bottom, the expander button has the wrong orientation:

Expander button 2
The button should point in the direction of collapse.

Thanks, Bob

Ok I've found all the code I'd need to modify and it's pretty straightforward - although I'd rather not :slight_smile:
Cheers, Bob

Although it's something that should be fixed, in the meantime I've just overloaded TTMSFNCCustomPanel.DrawElement and passed in the panel alignment.

Cheers, Bob


Thank you for the feedback. We'll investigate what is possible to expose changing the dropdown icon.

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