Dropbox Search API: /files/search is being retired in favor of /files/search_v2

To your info. Yesterday I got the follwoing message from Dropbox:

Dropbox Search API: /files/search is being retired in favor of /files/search_v2


We’re reaching out to notify you of an upcoming change to the Dropbox API that may affect your app(s), which are using the /2/files/search endpoint on the Dropbox API.

Starting on February 28th, 2021, the deprecated /2/files/search endpoint will be retired. At that point, any further calls to /2/files/search will fail. Please migrate your app to /2/files/search_v2.

All existing features have been migrated to /2/files/search_v2 and several improvements have been made. In addition to enhanced performance and reliability, we’ve added support for many new file types and added new features such as filtering by file extension. You can read more about it in the recent blog post, Search Files Using the Dropbox API. If you have questions or need help, you can post on our developer forum or submit a support ticket directly.

Thank you for your attention! We hope you enjoy the new features available on the Search API.


  • DBX Platform Team

Best regards


Thank you for informing us.
We'll have to investigate which changes are required in our products.

Second change in Dropbox!

Action Required: Token and Permission Updates

The Dropbox API now supports OAuth scopes, PKCE, refresh tokens, and short-lived access tokens. We’re asking developers to review their app’s permission settings and ensure their apps support short-lived access tokens. Apps that require background access will need to update to use refresh tokens, which is made easier by using our updated SDKs.

Starting September 30th, 2021, the Dropbox OAuth flow will no longer return long-lived access tokens. It will instead return short-lived access tokens, and optionally return refresh tokens. Please be sure to review, test, and move to the new permission model before then.

For detailed instructions, please see:

Latest support has been added in TMS FNC Cloud Pack and will be available with the next update, so for an immediate solution we suggest using TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

We have not yet scheduled development time to do adaptions for TMS FMX Cloud Pack. Earliest we can determine new developments is start of 2021 when we make the development planning for 2021.

Our documentation has already been updated with new instructions and screenshots for DropBox app configuration: