Dropbox DataStore/Sync APIs Deprecated

I've asked TMS directly, but this is probably of interest to all who are using the TADVDropbox... components. Since Dropbox have deprecated the Sync API and DataStore API all now going through the Core API (API V2) what are TMS plans to update the Cloud Pack and when will it be available.  

We are about to commence development where what was the DataStore API would have been used, but now need to use the new API V2. It makes no sense developing in the DataStore API where the development will take longer than the DataStore API will be around and the conversion is not trivial. 

From DropBox Tech: No, there"s no easy way to migrate from the Datastore API to the Core API, since they store different types of data.

There are a lot of angry developers out there who have used the DataStore/Sync APIs in Win/MAC/iOS/Android applications who have wasted a lot of time and need to do a significant amount of re-development, particularly those that have just released or are about to release software.


We regret this decision from Dropbox as much as all other developers. We have also invested a significant amount of time in this.

Our first focus is on alternative data store services.<o:p></o:p>

Using a service that is being dropped after barely having been introduced is not good for us and not good for the users of our component.

While there is never a guarantee when using a 3rd party service, we'd prefer to find first a more reliable service company than DropBox.

Amongst others, we are experimenting with the Google data store service.