dropbox datastore disabling

If I want to let my user disable dropbox datastore what is the proper way?  I've tried ClearTokens with a Win 32 FMX app and I get errors when the program closes.

    if chkDropbox.IsChecked then begin
      acc := Storage1.TestTokens;
      if acc then begin
        opened := true;
        ds := Storage1.CreateDataStore('testappbrent');
        if not Assigned(ds) then begin
          ShowMessage('Error creating datastore')
        end else begin
          ds.SetMetaData('testapp9966', Now);
      end else begin
    end else begin
  1. I'm not sure what you mean with "disable dropbox datastore" ? You somehow want to no longer give access?

    2) What exact error do you get when calling ClearTokens?  ClearTokens is not doing much except internally clearing tokens (strings)

First, I click the checkbox to true and it brings up the chromium window and I sign in and then I choose Allow App.  Then I click the checkbox to false which runs Storage1.ClearTokens.  Then I close the Win32 app and I get this memory leak notification:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejefhptso7mr1dx/Untitled.png

Maybe it is because I am running it as a Win32 but it is a mobile FMX.  I made a desktop FMX and it isn't giving me the error.

I'm not sure I understand, you run a Win32 app that is mobile FMX? That seems contradictory to me?

It looks like this is a memory leak in the Chromium browser (for Windows) and not in our component?