DropBox authentication Issue

I'm having some problem with the DropBox component. It will attempt to bind to a local port that must be recorded with the application. That feature makes it very dangerous to use on a multi-user system:

- A second user will not be able to bind to the port as long as a first user has not finished logging on.
- Potentially, a second user with receive a token for the first one, using his credentials.

In theory, it shouldn't be necessary to bind to a local port: the application should only have to monitor the URL before sending it on the network: if the URL matches the callback, the network call should be canceled and the token extracted from said URL. It looks like TAdvDropbox waits for the built-in browser to navigate to the URL and grabs the token from the server side.


Thank you for notifying.
We'll have to investigate if this behavior can be improved in a future version.