Dropbox can not bind socket of Dropbox component from  Delphi XE8.


I am getting an eidSocketError with Socket Error # 10013 ?Access Denied? error and a ?Could not bind socket, address and port are already in use? error.


I put my key/secret in your dropbox demo (nothing else).  Compiled and clicked connect.  Same thing.  I tried dropping back to and still have same problem.


Lance Rasmussen

CDE Software



Dropbox settings:


Status: production

Permission: Full Dropbox




OAuth2 Redirect URIs.   None entered

Allow Implicit Grant

No access token

No drop-ins domains.

No webhooks.

Please check your callback URL & port.
Default this is on port 80

but if you have other software already using port 80 on your machine, you?ll need to define & use a different port for the callback URL.