DPI issue in TAdvSearchComboBox

I'm using the latest version ( of TAdvSearchCombobox, and found a display problem with 150% scaling. I have found a workaround: Change the font from Tahoma to Segoe UI.

It is easy to reproduce with the code below. The text is too large when first displayed. When I click it, it displays correctly.

I'm using Delphi 11.
If I use a standard TCombobox instead, there is no problem.

//  Self.Font.Name := 'Tahoma';
//  Self.Font.Size := 8;

  Self.Font.Name := 'Segoe UI';
  Self.Font.Size := 9;

  var lCmb := TAdvSearchComboBox.Create(Self);

  lCmb.Parent := Self;
  lCmb.Text := 'aaa';

We traced & solved this issue.
The next update will address this.