XData Android Server


I asked on RemoteDB thread months ago about the ability to create an Android RemoteDB server in order to connect several Windows, iOS or even Android clients to the RemoteDB server running on Android, I've actually a POS Android system that was build with SQLite DB.

I never seen an example before from you, but at first stage I want to ask you the ability to create Android XData Server instead Android RemoteDB server, so the idea is at least is that several Windows, iOS or Android clients request queries to my actual App and this last one response with XData.

Do you have samples of this?

Can you point me in the right direction please? in case you are able to provide me information the connection between my actual App and the Clients must open some port on the Android Server or how can establish communication?


It's exactly the same approach you used here: Is it possible to create an Android or IOS RemoteDB server? - #8 by Romero_Parra_Alejandro

Create an Indy-based server and add the Sparkle modules (XData, RemoteDB, etc.) as usual.