Directions Demo

WebGMaps 1.5 and Delphi XE2.

I have no problem running the main memo but when i try to compile the directions demo i get the following error

//please specify the keys here
  GAppkey =  ;

Is this a licence issue or what?

Is explained in the PDF developer guide. Please obtain a (free) key from Google to use their Places autocomplete API


I have obtained a key from Google and now all working.  I have only given it a quick test but it looks like a great addition to an excellent component.

However can you clarify when i will need to provide the key within a project.  Is it only required when you use Directions or will it be required with other options as well?


The Google API key is currently only required when using the TWebGMapsLookupEdit control.

The TWebGMaps and TWebGMapsDirectionList control do not require an API key, so you can use Directions without the key.