WebGoogleMaps issues.


I have replicated the TMS_Webgeolocation app and uploaded to render.com. Added my new google map API key. I have set restrictions to 'https://geo1-4u1a.onrender.com/'

I noticed on your live demo and my version n some browsers they both get a popup stating the map is not working correctly.

On your demo when I click on Add marker to current location it asks for geo permission, add the marker and zooms the map to the location.

On mine it asks for geo permission then nothing happens.

I have added a goto home button with

procedure TForm4.WebButton7Click(Sender: TObject);
  lat, lon: Double;
    lat := 53.493350;
    lon := -2.077250;
    WebGoogleMaps1.GetCenter(lat, lon);

but nothing happens.
Also the show route get a 'Directions request failed due to REQUEST_DENIED' popup.
Is this to do with the web restrictions, my API key any help appreciated.

Are you sure you used & enabled the proper Google Maps JavaScript SDK API key?