DiagramLine.Transparency property, seems not to work

Hello Wagner,
I drop A Diagramline over an existing Block on the TatDiagram.
By code, I increased the width of the line:
(FDiagram.DControls[1] as TDiagramLine).Pen.Width:=30;
So far so good, I got the following figure:
Now I wich make the line semi transparent I tried:
(FDiagram.DControls[1] as TDiagramLine).Transparency:=80;
Nothing changes!!! I still have the figure above.

What I Wish to have is the following:(Produced with Adobe "Photoshop")

Please Help!

Transparency property is not being taken into account for drawing lines.
We made an improvement and the fix will be included in next version.

Thank you for you reply
Can you give me an approximate estimate when the next verision will be availlable?
Thanks in advance

In a couple of weeks.