Demo for Angular

I can find demos for other web frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery.

Is it possible to integrate with Angular - or would that kind of defeat the purpose of TMS Web Core ?

There is somewhat overlap, not sure what you intend to do with it?
So far, we have here in our team not yet spend time on creating a project that uses Angular from a TMS WEB Core app.

We normally write a lot of back end web service in Delphi (DMVC framework) and have been tasked with some web based development.
We are being pushed to use Angular. But I've taken a look at TMS Web Core and like what I see :)
The clinching argument to be able to use TMS is that we could integrate with Angular for any missing UI parts, or integration with other code.
So, ideally a simple example that I can demonstrate, ideally along the lines of the jQuery grid demo would be useful.