Delphi XE3 Support


When I bought TMS Component Studio 10 Months ago, I bought it because of the availability of the FireMonkey Components for Delphi XE3.

Now, 10 Months later, updates for Delphi XE3 have completely vanished, only offering updates for Delphi XE4, XE5 and XE6.

Where have the updates for Delphi XE3 gone? Please reïnstate!

Regards, Paul

There are unfortunately so many (seriously) breaking changes with respect to the FireMonkey framework that it is unmanageable to create components that are compatible with XE2..XE6. Even managing XE4,XE5,XE6 simultaneously is extremely complex. In the fast evolving mobile development world, it is unfortunately not feasible for us to take on the extra complexity to deal with XE3 level FireMonkey framework, especially when the number of users still on this version is also very small. We'd really recommend to upgrade your Delphi version as by itself, it will already significantly improve your cross platform development experience with a more mature FireMonkey framework.