Availability of Delphi XE version?

When do you expect to release a version compatible with Delphi XE?

I know that I will probably be able to install the Delphi 2010 version in Delphi XE, but I expect that I will be missing the help file integration in that case.

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An update with RAD Studio XE support has been released on Oct 13,2010.
The latest version v4.3.1.0 is available for download

after login on our website with your
registration email & code.

Partly my fault :)

I expected, that because there is no help files available for download for Delphi XE yet, then the code packages wasn't updated as well. I have realized now that this is not true.

Do you know when the heip files for XE will be available?

We will add the help files for RAD Studio XE in the coming days. 

Thank You!