Delphi 7 very slow after installing Component pack

Has anyone else experienced a dramatic slow down in the Delphi 7 (or any version of Delphi) IDE after installing the component pack.

I have been a long term user of WebUpdate and Plug-ins, but needed the latest Grid pack for another project so decideed to go for the full pack. Since installing a few days ago, Delphi has become almost unusable. Typically after loading a project all the relevant units open in the editor. However if I let the mouse hover over any text, Delphi starts looking for the information it needs for the flyby hint (the one that shows where the variable/procedure is declared and any parameters etc).... and I wait.... and wait.... sometimes for 10 minutes. This occcurs even for very small projects with a couple of units, one form and no use of the TMS componets at all. It just looks like the component pack is loading down the Delphi environment to breaking point. Alternatively maybe there are some circular path references?

I also sometimes have it sit for about 5-10 minutes before it will apparently start to compile a project. It sits with the "Current Line" at 0, or 1 for ages.

This is frustrating as the components are fine to use, but I am beginning to wonder whether I need to remove them from the system and revert to my stand-alones and look for another grid.

Any help or advice greatfully accepted as I would like to stay with the components if possible.

Anyone got an answer for this? This problem has reduced the best development environment on the planet (Delphi) to a state of uselessness. It is not acceptable that every time I try and compile is sits apparently motion less for minutes.

We have not experienced issues in performance after installing the component pack or any other component. Are you able to test this on a clean operating system with a clean IDE?

Scheldeman Pieter

Thanks for replying. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me after a month (mind you I have been away so could not follow up any way). Any way, thanks.

I will be setting up a Windows 7 system soon, but it will be with a later version of Delphi, so I will be able to compare.

However I would have to say it looks pretty conclusive on my Delphi 7 system (which unfortunately is my main development platform at the moment). Absolutely nothing else was changed except installing the new component pack, and having to change a few paths to ensure it was picking up the new components rather than the old stand-alone WebUpdate. This is absolutely killing me. It has cut my productivity in about half. I love the fact that in generla I can make small incrememntal changes in Delphi and compile/run/test. Now It is taking roughly 2-5 minutes per compile.