Delphi 12.1 Installing Latest Version of BIZ


BIZ products are not recognising that Android is installed. Ok with all other TMS products. In Delphi SDK Manager all is ok and all paths are correct.

On install of BIZ products Android & Android64 are unchecked. If I check them I get the message that the Android SDK is not installed properly. If I force it to continue it compiles ok..

Any idea what the cause of this might be?



We see now that Embarcadero changed Android SDK settings from Delphi 12.0 to Delphi 12.1. We will fix the installers for the next update.

Thanks for reporting.

In the meanwhile, yes, just check Android and it will compile fine.

Is there anyway to do this with the new Smart Setup?

@Steve_Sinclair, we have just released a Smart Setup update (1.0.26) which fixes this issue.

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Unfortunately this doesn't work for me. I created a clean environment and just tried to install the BIZ core library but it doesn't find Android64. See the attached logs (24.0 KB)

We have released a new 1.0.27 version that should now fixes the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That's great Wagner, thank you. I see there is a patch also just released from Embarcadero for Delphi 12.1. I've installed the Delphi patch and the I was able to install BIZ core library with Android64 using that patched Delphi and version 1.0.27.

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