WebDBEdit issue

  1. In the type weSignedFloat if i enter in edit field and digit first char cursor go left at start of edit : big problem on input numbers. I think same problem is for strings.
  2. In the type weSignedFloat i must have a decimal separation if i digit '.' or ',' (comma) . Now go fine only for '.' (point)


I'm not sure how to interpret / understand / read this sentence.
I retested this and cannot see an issue.

I also retested and can enter comma and dot.

enter in edit field and digit first char cursor go left
the problem exists : i will send you a video
comma and dot for numeric decimal separator is usefull for numeri input in DB. In VCL version you have an 'excell decimal separator' if i remember rigth !!

what "digit first char cursor go left" means is unclear to me.

Put a webdbedit on the form and link it to datasource. set edit type to weSignedFloat. Try to put first value in it example 123. Change edit and after return on it and put cursor at the end of 123 (only one time) then digit a number and see ...

We could reproduce this and we are investigating this.

We can confirm this is traced & solved. The next update will address this.

Fine, another thing is a point or comma in a numeric with decimal edit. Usually DB want the point for decimal sep but user (in italy:) insert a comma. There is a way to change comma into a point ? with an event ? or property like a 'excell decimal separator' in a VCL component ? eventually give me a sample to do this ... Thx

There is at this moment no such setting.
We believe the best UX is to leave the user use the decimal separator as configured on his machine.
You could perform the string to float conversion at client side with the user's configured decimal separator and then store in the DB.

can you show me how ? with edit event ? or via XDataWebDataSet ?

dbfield.AsFloat := StrToFloat(edit.Text);

excuse me control is a db aware webDBEdit ... i must use a event ?

What is your DB field type?

On XDataWebDataset was created persistent TFloatField; SQL server side is NUMERIC(18,4). I think must be same thing for Currency Field ...