DBPlanner.DataSource. Query or Table?

Please advice.
I have a situation as in the picture. I do not use resources. I don't even plan to.
Should I use TFDTable (10x) for DataSource instead of TFDQuery? Now I conjure up there with fdtblPlanner.
I want to have it as simple as possible and minimal code on my part.

I'm sorry but from your description I cannot understand what you need 10x the TFDTable for versus the TFDQuery.
If you have only one Planner display mode / DB connection at a time, it should be possible to connect this all to a single dataset and when you switch views, switch the TDBxxxSource, making only one TDBxxxSource active but keep the dataset component.

I wasn't sure about that. Well thank you.
I think it will be easier to use Table. I won't have to deal with SQL for text for Edit and Insert.