DBAdvGrid issue with sorting and rowsize


were using the propertys MouseActions.AllRowSize, Options.goRowSizing to resize all Rows of the Grid.
After a sort, all rows (except the first one) become the DefaultRowHeight.
Is there a way to prevent this ? I expected the same rowsize after a sort.

I retested this here with the demo ADOEditing for TDBAdvGrid but could not reproduce such issue.

Code that was added in the FormCreate event was:

  dbadvgrid1.Options :=  dbadvgrid1.Options + [goRowSizing];
  dbadvgrid1.MouseActions.AllRowSize := true;
  dbadvgrid1.SortSettings.Show := true;

and this allows to sort & perform row sizing , but a modified row height doesn't change after sort.
What's different in your app?

I can reproduce the issue with you BDESort Demo.

dbadvgrid1.Options :=  dbadvgrid1.Options +

dbadvgrid1.MouseActions.AllRowSize := true;

The first data row keeps rowheight. The rest falls back to DefaultRowHeight.

Btw. In the BDESort Demo (Internal grid sorting) the Property Pagemode need to be false ;)

We could reproduce this now. This is due to reactivating a dataset.
We've applied a fix for this now and this fix will be included in the next update.

Ok. Thanks a lot.