DBAdvGrid incorrect cell select when get focus?


I found strange behaviour of DBAdvGrid when several first colums are fixed. When grid gets focus active cell is in fixed colum because first column is fixed.

No way to move active cell to active column using keyboard.

Now for this I use folowing code:

DBAdvGrid.Col := DBAdvGrid.FirstCellInRow(1) ;

I think it is bug and not sure that my solution will work in all situation.

I cannot reproduce an issue. I changed FixedCols to 2 in demo DBAdvGrid\CDSEdit


and active cell upon focus is correct as well as result from DBAdvGrid.FirstCellInRow() is also correct.

Do you use the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack?


I use latest version TMS VCL UI Pack but probably found DELPHI issue.

Now all grids works perfect after removed from *.dfm files all grid's properties definitions except those for column. Strange is that no one property was any connection with columns and selection behaviour.

Thanks for help!