Good morning Bruno,

in TAdvDBGrig columns ther's a filter property declared as TStringList.

I tried to set it (for column 2) in this way

DBAdvString.Columns[2].Filter.Add(Edt1.text + '*')

in order to filter column 2 with the edited text, but i'm not able to set it.

Can you, please, help me in order to set column filter poperty ?

Tank's in advance



PS: Exuse me if you are on holidays !!!

After configuring the filter condition this way,do you activate the filter with:

DBAdvGrid.FilterActive = true (and make sure that DBAdvGrid.PageMode = false)

Hi Bruno,

thank's for your reply.

I did not activate filter with filteractive:=True and i did not set pagemode to false.

I need to work with pagemode set to true and, in this case the filter conditions are setted via sql to dataset.

Thank's again